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This is the story of Marley. He is a dearly-loved rehomed cat. He likes to spend his time sitting in his owners garden boxes, sniffing the fresh air and watching the birds fly by. 

Poor Marley suffered a severe injury to his foot. The tissues were crushed so lost their blood supply and died. His owner doesn't know how the injury took place but it was probably either a road traffic accident or a bite from another cat. 

After 4 weeks of bandaging and medical treatment Marleys foot was a long way off healing. You can see what it looked like in the second picture. At least all the disesed tissue had gone. 

His owner made the brave decision to have his outside toe and part of his main pad amputated. The third picture shows his foot immediately after surgery. 

2 weeks later Marley's foot is completly healed. He does not even know he has a minor disability. The fourth picture shows his recovered foot. Marley now has his life back; he has returned to his garden box, as seen in the picture, and by all accounts is particulary enjoying the daffodils. 

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