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This is the story of naughty Shearer, the bearded collie. Naughty- because he won't leave stones alone. It's amazing he hasn't had one stuck inside his intestines before but time and his bad habit finally caught up on him.

He presented on Monday with acute vomiting and he was very down in the dumps. If you look at the x-ray picture it is not difficult to make the diagnosis.

Shearer was rushed to theatre but there was one major complication. The stone was so big it had squashed all of the blood out of the intestinal wall at the site of the obstruction. This had devitalised a short length of bowel, causing gangrene so we had to remove 4 inches of intestines with the stone. Sewing the bowel together is called an end-to-end anastomosis.

Shearer made a rapid recovery. On Tuesday he was eating his breakfast again and by lunch time he made it perfectly clear he wanted to go home. That's a polite way of saying he wouldn't stop barking and was giving us all a headache!

Shearer is now completing his recovery with his family who love him very much but still think he's very naughty. He certainly is a bit of a character.   

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