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Pet of the year- Bravos! 

Let us introduce you 'Bravos' and tell you about the adventure he has been on this year. Bravos is a 10 year old, domestic short hair cat and his story starts on one Friday morning back in June. While he was...


Tiger is an old cat, shall we say of a very certain age, who decided he was going to move into a new home having grown weary of a life on the streets!

Having made himself comfortable and ensured his new landlady, who happens to be a...


This is the story of naughty Shearer, the bearded collie. Naughty- because he won't leave stones alone. It's amazing he hasn't had one stuck inside his intestines before but time and his bad habit finally caught up on him.

He presented...


This is the story of Marley. He is a dearly-loved rehomed cat. He likes to spend his time sitting in his owners garden boxes, sniffing the fresh air and watching the birds fly by. 

Poor Marley suffered a severe injury to his foot. The...


Here is Clyde looking a lot more comfortable after his surgery on Friday. The poor boy came to us with his leg hanging off- only attached by a piece of skin! The only option we had was to amputate it. Clyde is learning to cope very well with 3...

*PARVO ALERT!* January 2017

Sadly in the local area there has been an outbreak of parvo virus. This is a nasty, potentially fatal disease in unvaccinated dogs. Symptoms can include vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, fever and sadly in some cases sudden death. 


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